How Are Your Holiday Sales?

Tanning is a service industry, and while you should never scale back on the personal attention you give your customers, it might be wise to switch gears occasionally and think of your business as a retail environment. You might be thinking “we offer tanning products to each and every customer that tans with us” and that is great, but how much attention do you give to offering other retail items? With so many people buying online instead of going to a brick and mortar location you have the advantage when it comes to retail sales. Customers come to you for a service, they are already in your store! Having other items they need or want allows making a sale. How many times have you paid way too much for something to drink at the checkout counter because it was more convenient than walking to another part of the store or driving somewhere else? (hands in the air).

Ok, think about all the people who would gladly purchase Holiday gifts from you instead of having to go somewhere else when they are ALREADY IN YOUR SALON! Throw in some gift wrapping at no charge and it’s a no brainer. “But what if they don’t tan? “Not everyone drinks coffee (I know we’re shocked too), but places like Starbucks serve breakfast to include more sales. Offering niche items that you won’t find everywhere gives your customers additional options to spend their money.  One can only own so much tanning lotion (or can they…).

People tan for many reasons, but most want to look their best. Becoming an expert on all items, whether it be beauty or accessories makes your salon more than a tanning business.

Happy Holidays.