Fall Brings Change, Don't Stress!

Just as the leaves change colors and fall away Fall brings several changes. A change in weather, changes in leadership, changes in customers, and changes in products. Though change can sometimes bring uncertainty it can also be viewed as a new start.

2020 has certainly been a year with big changes to the way we all live our lives. It is easy to be sucked into the doom and gloom of politics, shutdowns, economics, and health. But focusing your energy on negativity will not produce positivity.

It’s time to flip the switch. Think of ways you and your business will adapt to change. Adapt the mindset of working on your business rather than in it. Instead of focusing on fear, focus on things that you can control.

 It was truly inspiring to see the way salon owners changed the way they did business during the last round of shutdowns. Our industry came together in a way it never had. Imagine if we put that thinking into everything. What kind of change could we create?

Things change, times change, people change. You cannot control it. However, you can control how you react and that can be very powerful. Just as the leaves change colors and fall away, there is always beauty come Spring.