Winter Skincare Essentials: Products Every Salon Should Carry

As winter approaches, your tanning salon clients will be looking for more than just a golden glow; they'll also need protection and nourishment for their skin in the harsh cold weather. To meet these needs and boost your salon's retail sales, consider carrying a range of winter skincare essentials that complement tanning. In this blog post, we'll highlight some must-have products that can keep your clients' skin healthy and radiant during the colder months.


  1. Moisturizers with SPF:

Winter doesn't mean the sun disappears, and UV rays can still harm the skin. Offer moisturizers with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) to keep your clients protected while they're on the go. These products hydrate the skin and shield it from UV damage, making them perfect for everyday use.


  1. Intensive Body Lotions:

Cold weather can lead to dry, flaky skin. Recommend rich, hydrating body lotions to your clients to combat winter dryness. These lotions can lock in moisture and prevent skin from becoming rough or itchy.


  1. Lip Balms:

Chapped lips are a common winter woe. Stock lip balms that offer deep hydration and protection. Look for products with natural ingredients like shea butter and vitamin E to soothe and repair dry lips.


  1. Exfoliating Scrubs:

Exfoliation is crucial year-round, but especially in winter when dead skin cells can accumulate faster. Recommend gentle exfoliating scrubs that remove dull skin and leave it smooth and ready for tanning.


  1. Tan Extenders:

Tan extenders are a great addition to your winter skincare lineup. These products not only help maintain a tan but also provide extra hydration to the skin. Choose extenders with ingredients like aloe vera and hyaluronic acid for maximum moisturization.


  1. Face Masks:

Winter skin often needs extra pampering. Offer a selection of facial masks designed to hydrate, brighten, or address specific skin concerns. Sheet masks, in particular, are popular and convenient for clients.


  1. Hand Creams:

Dry, cracked hands are a common issue during the winter. Carry a variety of hand creams that provide intense moisture and protection. Scented options can add a touch of luxury to the experience.


  1. Vitamin C Serums:

Vitamin C is known for its skin-brightening properties. Recommend serums that contain this powerful antioxidant to help your clients maintain a healthy, radiant complexion even in the winter months.


  1. Scented Candles:

Create a cozy atmosphere in your salon with scented candles. These can enhance the overall experience for your clients and make their visits more enjoyable during the colder season.


  1. Hydrating Mists:

Offer hydrating facial mists that your clients can use throughout the day to refresh their skin. These are especially useful for combating indoor heating, which can contribute to dryness.


By stocking these winter skincare essentials, you'll not only enhance your clients' tanning experience but also boost your retail sales during the colder months. Don't forget to educate your clients about the importance of winter skincare and how these products can help them maintain healthy, glowing skin all season long.