Tanning in Winter could be a lifesaver!


While some people love Winter days sipping hot chocolate, playing in the snow, and spending cozy evenings by a fire, a long Winter could still leave them feeling blue. Studies show that the amount of daylight and sun exposure we get can greatly affect our mood. Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) affects nearly 20% of the earth’s population and is 4 times more common in women.

That is where you come in, the tanning salon. You have the power to positively change the way people are affected by SAD. By providing those sunny rays in a controlled environment you can bring back the sunny disposition customers are searching for. In addition to increasing mood you also provide vitamin D and a base tan so that when the sun does make its debut in spring there is a lower risk of sunburn. You are a hero!

So, while we are all ready for warmer days, lets not forget that a longer winter could be good for business. Happy Tanning!