Spotlight on California Tan Axis

California Tan was founded in 1987 and has been creating innovative skincare products for over 30 years. They are known for their cutting-edge skincare technologies making Science Sexy for tanners all over the globe. Their on-staff chemists optimize ingredients to ensure the user's skin looks good now and for years to come.

California Tan is the only brand to utilize a three-step process of tanning. These steps help with melanin production and then advancing the oxidizing of melanin for darker color results. Finally, replenishing hydration and nutrients to enhance results and longevity. This all sounds very technical. Let’s break it down into a relatable format. Let’s relate this to makeup. Step 1 would be like your foundation. It gives you a perfect base for your look and prepares your skin for future color applications. Step 2 is like your eyeshadow, blush, contour, (you get the idea). It accents the color you already have from Step 1. Finally, Step 3 is like your favorite moisturizer. It’s filled with everything your skin craves to maintain a daily youth, glow, and beauty. Make sense?

So now that we have that out of the way lets get down to it. First off Axis packaging is beautiful. It is hands down one of the sexiest bottles in the industry sporting a unisex appeal for all. These easily fit into any collection of high-end skincare products and perfumes. Speaking of scents, the fragrance of the entire collection is light, clean, and crisp to pair well with any other products you use while still eliminating after tan odors.

We won't name drop all of the lavish ingredients contained, but we will give you a list of the multiple things you will benefit from using them. This line is packed full of technology giving you:

  • Improved skin radiance
  • Reduced appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Saturating nutrients and antioxidants
  • Intense hydration
  • Deep, rich, golden color



With benefits like these, you will want to use them every day, and you can. Axis Face is fantastic as a primer or worn alone. The Mica adds luminosity to the skin giving you a dewy youthful glow. We don’t know about you but they had us at canceling fine lines and wrinkles! They say you get what you pay for, isn’t it time you invested in yourself? Your skin is with you your entire life, take care of it.


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