Selling Love - Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to offer promotions and discounts to attract customers and boost sales. Here are a few Valentine's Day promotion ideas to do just that.

1. Couples' packages: These are great not only for the customer but for you to introduce new business into your salon. Here are some ideas we like:

  • "Sweetheart Special": Offer a special promotion for couples. For example, couples that book a session together can receive a discounted price or an additional complimentary service like red light or teeth whitening.
  • "Love is in the Air": Offer a package deal that includes a couples spray tanning session, and a complimentary take-home package of chocolates tan extending lotion and sunless safe shower cleanser.
  • "Date Night": Offer a package deal that includes a couples' tanning session, chocolates, a glass of champagne, and a complimentary bottle of lotion to share.
  • "BFF/ Galentine Package": Offer a package deal for friends that includes two tanning sessions and a shared bottle of lotion at a discounted price.
  • "Couple's Retreat": Offer a package deal that includes two tanning sessions, a couples massage, and a complimentary bottle of lotion for each person.


 2. Gift cards: Offer a special promotion on gift cards for Valentine's Day. For example, customers who buy a gift card of a certain value can get an additional gift card of a smaller value for free.

 3. Buy one, get one free: Offer a buy one tanning session, get one free promotion. This can be a great incentive for customers to bring a friend or significant other to the salon.

 4. Package deals: Offer a package deal that includes a tanning session and a discounted price on a bottle of lotion. You can also offer packages that include additional services to boost sales. Here is a couple we like:

  • "Tan & Glow": Offer a package deal that includes a tanning session and a red light or skin treatment at a discounted price.
  • "Pre-vacation package": Offer a package deal that includes several tanning sessions, a choice of lotion, and a complementary moisturizer or body wash, aimed at customers that are going on a vacation soon.

 5. Referral bonuses: Encourage existing customers to bring in new customers by offering a referral bonus. For example, existing customers can receive a complimentary session or product for each new customer they refer.

 6. Giveaways: Host a giveaway promotion on social media where customers can enter to win a free tanning session or a complimentary product.

Marketing package deals for Valentine's Day on social media is an effective way to reach potential customers and generate excitement for your promotions. Here are a few tips for marketing package deals on social media:

  1. Use visually appealing images and graphics: Use images of couples or friends enjoying your package deals to attract attention and showcase the offerings. High-quality images and graphics can help to make your promotions more eye-catching and memorable.
  2. Use catchy headlines and descriptions: Use catchy headlines and descriptions to grab the attention of potential customers and make them curious about your promotions. Make sure to clearly state what is included in the package deal and any special bonuses or discounts that are being offered.
  3. Utilize Hashtags: Use relevant hashtags to reach a wider audience. For example, #Valentinesday, #couplegoals, #romanticgetaway and so on.
  4. Use video content: Create short videos showcasing your package deals, how they are enjoyed and their benefits to give customers a better idea of what to expect.
  5. Create a sense of urgency: Use language and visuals that create a sense of urgency to encourage customers to take advantage of your promotions before they expire. For example, "Limited time offer" or "Book now before it's too late".
  6. Make it shareable: Encourage customers to share your promotions with their friends and loved ones. By providing an incentive for them to share, it will increase the reach of your promotions.
  7. Boost your posts: Consider boosting your social media posts to reach a wider audience and generate more leads. This can be especially effective for reaching potential customers who might not already follow your page.
  8. Use customer reviews/testimonials: Share customer reviews or testimonials on your social media page, it would make your promotion more credible.

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively market your package deals on social media and reach potential customers in the lead-up to Valentine's Day. Remember to track the engagement and conversions from your social media campaigns, to see what's working and what's not, and make the necessary adjustments.


These are just a few ideas for Valentine's Day promotions, but there are many other possibilities depending on the services and products that your salon offers. It's important to be creative and think outside the box when coming up with promotions to attract customers and boost sales during this holiday. We can't wait to see what you come up with!