Ramp up your EFT clients

Remember the commercials for office supplies with the “Easy Button”? They were comical at the time and we all secretly wished there was a real easy button and that we were the owner. While it probably doesn’t seem like life is any easier, there have been several advances in technology that have changed the way people do business. Auto pay services and subscription services are a daily norm for most people. How many of these do you have? Now that you think about it maybe more than you thought. So why would anyone not utilize EFTs in their salon?

Now is a great time to brush up on this topic with your staff and collaborate on what types of EFT packages you should offer. Try offering an ala carte menu for customers to build their own custom EFT package! Customized products are huge right now, they even customize vitamin packs for daily use, clothing services customize clothing to send each month. Are you seeing a pattern yet?

When your tanning package runs out that’s it. Give customers the never-ending option of a golden tan.

Your business support rep can help you with idea’s and more information. So, give us a call.