November Planning Guide

Wow, it is already the end of October! We don’t know about the weather where you are but here, well let’s just say Mother Nature is a bit confused. Bright fall leaves and snow-covered grounds just don’t seem to work well together in our opinion. But at least if you have been participating in our suggestions you are ahead of schedule and enjoying yourself more. Well strap in because it is about to get exciting.

So far you should have Thanksgiving work schedules, Black Friday Specials, November Specials and Fall décor all planned out and purchased. Give yourself a pat on the back (you have earned it). If you don’t already have your work schedules and holiday hours (Christmas and New Year’s) done, DO THEM NOW! Nothing ruins your own holidays faster than having to work them because of last minute scheduling.

Since you have already planned your November specials you can sail right on thru to December. Remember last minute shoppers are a great target audience for sales. Have a variety of items in your salon for easy gifting. You can even offer to gift wrap them while they tan!

Start going thru your Christmas décor. Do you put up a tree? Make sure all the lights work. Decorate it with packettes and eyewear. Someone buys a tanning package, let them pick something off the tree.

Equipment Check- You will want to re-lamp in December. Now is the time to start purchasing lamps, watching for specials and budgeting. You may also want to add new equipment or items such as POLY Light Therapy or a Sunlighten Sauna. Register Now For America’s to check them out.

Need to hire before season? Start thinking of how you are going to do this now. Don’t wait until you need a warm body in the salon. Take your time and get the right person the first time.

This is also a great time to clean up your data. Make sure you customer information is accurate so that you don’t waste time or money marketing to bad information. Send out an email to your data base offering a free tan to anyone who confirms or updates their information. Not only will this clean up your info but when they come in you have facetime with them to keep them coming back.

Keep going, we are almost there. This is your year to shine.