New Year Business Resolutions to consider for 2019


It is a new year. A clean slate. A time to accomplish everything you didn’t in years prior and more. The reset button has been activated and it is time to put your plan in motion. But wait, do you have a game plan? Have you written a list of goals and a plan to attain them? It has been proven that successful people plan and list goals. If you are visual get a planner or create a vision board with what you want to accomplish. Winging it doesn’t work, except for eyeliner, and even then, it’s hard to do.


Here are some tips to help you do big things in 2019:

1.- Keep learning! Make time and schedule to attend at least 2 events this year. America’s Tanning Expo on February 1st and 2nd is a great choice. Not only does it keep you current on industry information it recharges your batteries. Everyone needs a jump start now and again. This expo will help you plan your year and get you excited to do so. It also doubles as a tax write off, win win! Combine this with some webinars throughout the year and tackle your goals.

2.- Attack social media with a vengeance. Do you post regularly? Or has your social media become a ghost town? Having a dead page is worse than not having a presence at all. If time is an issue delegate this to an employee or use a posting app. You can also hire a business to handle this for you if all else fails. Remember birthdays with Facebook. This is a great way to gain business and keep current customers happy. When you are alerted of a client’s birthday send them a message with a free tan or lotion packette.

3.- Schedule sales and in salon promotions around Distributor specials. Heartland has a promotional calendar and every month a list of specials. Use these to plan your promotions and increase your margins. Need help? Call your Business Support Representative. Let our experience benefit you. Having a team of experienced, knowledgeable consultants at your fingertips is just another added benefit of working with us!

4.- Track your lamp usage. Our 2019 catalog has a convenient way to keep track of your equipment and lamp information when calling. Use this along with a log of when lamps are replaced to help track usage and lamp life.

2019 is going to be the best year yet! We cannot wait to see what you accomplish. Happy New Year!