Mind Your Business

Owners and Operators Retreat


Lockdowns have you going mad? Looking to break free and relax with other industry professionals? We’ve heard you and we couldn’t be more excited to tell you about Mind Your Business- Owners & Operators Retreat 2021.

We’re not letting all the mystery out yet but, we will let you know that this event will be an experience you won't soon forget. This is not an expo, rather an intimate gathering of industry professionals to collaborate with for an amazing business future.

A little about the venue-

Since we are making history with our very first retreat, we thought it only fitting to choose a venue with a history of its own. While the current hotel has just reached the 100-year mark there has been a hotel on this land for over 125 years! The Elms Hotel and Spa has a rich history and remains a destination spot to this day.

The Elms was a playground and health spa for the well-to-do. Prominent citizens from all walks of life as well as both sides of the law. Politicians, sports stars, and crime figures created a heady combination of hotel guests. Al Capone, “Pretty Boy” Floyd, and Bugsy Moran reportedly hosted illegal gambling and bathtub gin parties. Police tried to raid The Elms during Prohibition on several occasions. During one memorable attempt, the police busted in on a cocktail party that included the Governor of Missouri. The Governor memorably told the cops to go out and bust someone who was “really breaking the law.”

We cannot wait to tell you more about this event, however, you will have to wait just a bit longer. For safety and size of venue, we are keeping this small and it will sell out quickly. Registration will open Monday, March 8th for VIP tickets and Thursday, March 11th for standard. Be sure to watch our Facebook page on Monday for more details.