It’s Go Time!

It has been a tremendous season so far and a crazy one at that. But now is the time to come up with a plan of attack for the yearly visit of JASON (July, August, September, October, November). As we hope and pray that JASON is still hidden away in quarantine somewhere the fact is that whether it arrives on time or delayed it is coming.

So, what can you do? Right now, you have a steady stream of tanners coming into your salon. What do you have to offer them when the desire to tan vacates their mind? Do you offer teeth whitening? Maybe light therapy, saunas, or other weight loss or fitness service? Whatever it is NOW is the time to promote it! Every warm body that comes through your door should hear about these services, and you should be running some sort of promotion on them. Entice them now and get them addicted to the benefits so that you get repeat visits even when they don’t want to tan.

Don’t offer other services? You should investigate them, but there is still something you can do now. Personal care items are great for this. How many of you have waited for your favorite shampoo, conditioner, vitamin, or other product to go on sale and stocked up because that was the only reason you had to visit that business. People will do anything to get their hands on products they love. Offering items such as beauty, skincare, haircare, CBD, or other supplements create a need for customers to return. These sales can supplement a seasonal dip in profits.

The answer might be right in front of you. Yes, as the weather gets nicer more and more people will move to outdoor activities. This means they will need SPF, Towels, Apparel, and Sunglasses. Talking about and promoting these items now will ensure they get them from you and not as an afterthought at the local drugstore. Proactive marketing can increase your bottom line.

Plan out your strategy now with your salon and shorten the effects of JASON. Need more tips? Call your Business Support Rep for tons of ideas and help to put your plan in action.