International Women's Day

Today, on International Women's Day, we celebrate the achievements of women in all fields, including the tanning industry. Over the years, women have played a significant role in the tanning industry's growth and evolution. Women are taking the lead in salon ownership and management and making their mark in the industry.

When I first started in the tanning industry in 2004, things were very different. While internally Heartlands support staff were primarily women, nearly all our manufacturing training partners were men. Writing this now, I cannot think of a single female brand rep. Does that mean they were not in existence? No, just that they were outnumbered.

Fast forward to today. Nearly all our trainers are women. I’m not trying to discredit or diminish our males in the manufacturing community but seeing more women leading our industry is refreshing. Why? Because it shows that now more than ever women are being taken more seriously than at any other time in history.

So today, we are taking a moment to honor women who travel the country educating others, who work long days to have a competitive edge, who run their own businesses and employ others strengthening our economy, create works of art from solutions in a bottle, and so many more. We see you, and you’re doing great things. Keep it up!