Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

Today’s blog is all about Tingle. What is it, what does it actually do, why do we love it, and other frequently asked questions


Ok so what is a tingle product? Tingle products are known for creating heat or a tingling sensation to the skin when used. These products can vary significantly between a slight warming to an intense tingle. The strength is determined by the ingredients as well as the tolerance of the user. For instance, several tingle products contain the ingredient Benzyl Nicotinate which is similar to nicotine. This means depending on your lifestyle and diet you may have more of a tolerance.  When using a tingle for the first time start with a mild tingle or warming lotion to see how your tolerance is. Just like everything in life some people don’t care for the feeling while others wouldn’t tan without it.

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What does Tingle do? Ok so we get that it “feels” different than a regular lotion but other than that why would someone want to use a tingle product? The answer to that is color amplification. Along with the way a tingle lotion may feel it will also cause the skin to redden. This does not mean burn. It creates a flushing like when you work out. The flushing of the skin is increased blood flow and oxygen which ramps up melanin production. Melanin is what turns brown creating a tan. As the product wears the tingle sensation as well as the reddening effect to the skin subsides and you are left with deep rich color.  

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Now that we know what it is, and what it does let’s dive into some things you should know about tingle products.

  • It is normal for the skin to flush and tingle when using a tingle product
  • Showering will not relieve tingle sensation instead it could reactivate ingredients by opening pores. Use an aloe product on areas you want to soothe if the tingle is too intense.
  • Always start with a mild tingle product and work up.
  • Alternate between using a lotion without tingle and one with to avoid building a tolerance to tingle ingredients.

We love the golden color tanning with a tingle product gives as well as the fast results. We hope these tips and information help you. What is your favorite thing about a tingle product?