Creating the Ultimate Tanning Lotion Selection: Elevate Your Salon with New Sunshine Brands


As a savvy tanning salon owner, the art of tanning lotion selection is crucial to providing your clients with a top-notch tanning experience. To ensure that your salon shines as a premier destination for quality skincare products, curating an exceptional tanning lotion selection is key. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through actionable steps while highlighting the premium New Sunshine brands, including Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty, California Tan, and Designer Skin.


Step 1: Understanding Your Clientele and Their Needs


The foundation of a successful tanning lotion selection lies in knowing your clientele inside out. Take the time to analyze their preferences, skin types, and desired tanning outcomes. Tailor your offerings to cater to diverse needs, from deep tanning enthusiasts to those seeking gradual color enhancement and skincare-focused lotions.


Step 2: Partnering with Reputable Brands


Elevate your salon's reputation by partnering with trusted brands like New Sunshine. Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty, California Tan, and Designer Skin are renowned for their excellence in providing innovative and effective tanning solutions.


Step 3: Prioritizing Quality Ingredients


Top-tier tanning lotions boast high-quality ingredients that nourish and protect the skin. Ensure that your selection includes lotions enriched with vitamins, antioxidants, and natural extracts, exemplifying New Sunshine brands' commitment to quality skin care.


Step 4: Offering a Diverse Range of Products


Diversify your offerings with a well-rounded selection of tanning lotions. Including intensifiers, accelerators, bronzers, and after-tan lotions cater to various tanning preferences and skin types. New Sunshine brands provide a comprehensive range, catering to all your clients' needs.


Step 5: Providing Product Information and Education


Knowledge is power. Display informative materials, such as brochures and digital screens, to educate clients about the unique benefits of New Sunshine tanning lotions. Empower your staff to offer personalized recommendations based on clients' tanning goals and skin types.


Step 6: Offering Sample Sizes and Testers


Encourage your clients to experience the magic of New Sunshine tanning lotions through sample-sized options and testers. Let them try before committing to full-sized purchases, instilling confidence and increasing repeat sales.


Step 7: Creating Promotions and Packages


Boost sales by offering enticing promotions and packages that include New Sunshine tanning lotions as add-ons. Bundling tanning sessions with premium lotions enhances the tanning experience, leading to heightened satisfaction and loyalty.


Step 8: Seeking Client Feedback and Adaptation


Your clients' feedback is a treasure trove of insights. Listen attentively and adapt your tanning lotion selection based on their preferences and suggestions. This approach ensures that your salon continuously evolves to meet client expectations.


Optimal Price Range


When it comes to price ranges, offering tanning lotions at multiple price points is beneficial. Aim to have at least three price ranges: budget-friendly, mid-range, and premium options. This allows you to cater to clients with different budgets and ensures that everyone finds a suitable tanning lotion within their comfort zone.


Following these actionable steps while featuring New Sunshine brands, Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty, California Tan, and Designer Skin, will set your salon apart as a haven for exceptional tanning solutions. Empower your clients with a curated selection that meets their diverse needs, and watch your salon's reputation soar. With New Sunshine tanning lotions, your salon becomes the ultimate destination for unparalleled tanning experiences, leaving clients glowing with satisfaction.