Bringing Back Old School Service Part 3

In part 3 of our series, we will focus on something that should be second nature in business. Sadly, this value too is being lost or at least under-utilized in today’s day in age. That is the act of KINDNESS.

Most strive to be kind, especially this time of year with the Holidays, but it is nothing like the kindness shown 60 years ago. It starts with something like a smile, saying hello, holding the door for someone. Have you driven through a small town, and everyone waves when you pass? They don’t know you from Adam, but the simple gesture shows kindness and respect.

Working for a company like Heartland that puts customer service before all else really opens your eyes to the level of kindness other businesses show their customers. “The customer’s always right” slogan has been erased, scratched out, and even painted over at this point. We all know that the customer isn’t actually “always right”, however they are the customer. When a customer has a concern, it is our job as the business working with them to show kindness and empathy to the way they “feel” about the situation. Hear them out, and then work with them to come to an understanding… politely, kindly, and with compassion.

Have you ever gone to a fast-food restaurant and your order was wrong, they forgot to include a napkin or straw for your drink, or simply refused to give you an extra sauce? How did they react when you brought this mistake to their attention? Were they apologetic? Or did they toss the missing item at you without a second thought or worse yet, got defensive or belligerent? So many are quick to block any kind of fault (even when it’s not a big deal) instead of kindly hearing the person out, apologizing (sincerely), and helping resolve the situation. It’s easy to be kind when the customer is happy, but showing kindness when they are upset, THAT IS SERVICE.

We challenge you this season to pay attention to the kindness you show others and the kindness you receive and make a difference in the lives of all you meet.