Bootcamp 2022- That's a Wrap!

Each year in quarter 1 Heartland hosts our annual expo.  2021 would have been our 30th annual Expo (which we were forced to move to a virtual format).  Where we had over 500 salon owners and staff from all over America logged in, it was a great success.  But we wanted more.  Something was just missing.  Nothing beats that human interaction, in-person learning, etc.  Salons greatly appreciated the content and the effort – but the decision of no in-person had the vast majority highly disappointed.  We brainstormed and decided – if we can do this safely and responsibly – we WILL be together in 2021.  Not only for the salons but for us.  This is our facetime with our salon friends.  Therein lies the 1st Annual Owners and Operators retreat we hosted in June 2021.  Salon owners, again, from across the map greeted each other in the lobby of the historic hotel tears streaming.  It was truly magical to witness.  At the end of the fun-filled weekend we thought to ourselves, well, we can have the 1st qtr. virtually, and the owners retreat in person each year from this point forward.  Decision made…… not so fast.  After speaking with several salon owners, they voiced the importance of their staff learning in person each year, however, the Owners Retreat was special, so Heartland must do both.  Some went as far as to say our event in qtr. 1 is and always has been their kickoff with new employees and when they learned virtually, it was never the same.  Quoting stats even of those who attend our events have stayed employed longer and have made long term plans.  WOW – now that is some pressure.  So, we could not disappoint.  2022 Heartland Retail Bootcamp was born. 


With each year, we strive to one-up ourselves from the year prior.  This was no different – what these salon owners said to me I took to heart.  So, with Owners Retreat – we know our topics and conversations are owner specific.  Topics you would not necessarily want to have in the company of your staff.  So, Bootcamp 2022 was geared all towards the salon staff.  We started off Friday with specific product training by our wonderful manufacturer partners, Sun Is Life Training (joe Schuster), Norvell University (Brandon Cardinal and Jacob Hale), and ended the evening with our popular gathering (safely of course) our Bootcamp Mixer which included food, drinks, yard games, dancing to a dueling pianos band.  Of course, Heartland loves a theme, and all staff and customers alike were dawning their camo gear, along with the table centerpieces that were military-themed with a special tribute to our soldiers.  That tribute were family members of Heartland that have served and pictured in their uniforms.  From the Civil War to Current Day. 


Moving into day 2, Saturday, our focus was to make them grow as salespeople, merchandisers, customer service managers, and more.  To the point of hiring an expert Jeff Driscoll, from Sandler Training to really dig deep as to each attendee’s personality and how that affects sales and what needs to happen to make them better.  Another thing we received feedback on was hearing more from salon owners.  Which the light bulb went off in my head.  Perfect.  Our already amazing industry speakers, we will pair them with a salon owner.  Could not have loved this more.  A huge thank you to Gina Jaeger / Sun Evolutions and Leslie Westfall / Studio 636, Megan Racine / Devoted Creations, Brandon Cardinal / Norvell and Micelle Norvell / WHAT IS SALON NAME / Jordan Stamper / new Sunshine & Janessa Howell / Celsius for working so hard and creating amazing contact for our attendees.  Never had we had this format – and I think it’s a keeper.  All attendees went home with over $800 in value from our end-of-day goody bags to include Heartland gifted each owner a private session with Mr. Driscoll to further their learning.  


All in all, even with a bit of weather, and some cancellations due to illness, our salon partners and our vendor partners showed up to have an amazing event to kick off the season.  Now, back to it, we have a 2nd Annual Owners Retreat to plan- Coming June 2022. Click here for a preview.