5 Minutes with Dimitra

To empower salon owners on their equipment we wanted to see what common problems we could get answered to save time on beds being down. We were lucky enough to catch Dimitra in our technical support for a quick chat to gather some tips for our salon partners.

Q: What is the most common service call that you receive?

Dimitra: The most common is timer issues.  Typically, that the timer or tanning unit isn’t connecting to the Tmax manager or control.


Q: Any advice you can give for those with the same problem?

Dimitra:  If you are aware of a recent power outage or surge, turn off the Tmax and the tanning unit or room timer.  Reapply power to the tanning unit or timer first, then turn on the Tmax.  It should be able to sync back up. Restart your salon software.  Beyond that, I recommend setting up a troubleshooting appointment to thoroughly diagnose the issue.


Q: So, it’s like when there is an issue with technology it is recommended to restart the system?

Dimitra:  Yes, in some instances this will work.   Mostly, if you believe something was caused by a user error or a glitch in the system, a restart should resolve the issue.


Q: There are so many numbers and codes on parts, are they important to ordering?

Dimitra:  Not really.  When you have an item number for a previously ordered part it can help expedite the process.  But a description of the part and any unit information will allow us to match the correct part


Q: What information do you need from customers when ordering parts?

Dimitra: Make and model are most important. When looking for a part on old or obsolete equipment pictures are even better.  Sometimes the part itself has information on it that we may ask for.


Q: In every market in the world there have been shortages and delays, have you noticed any issues in getting parts?

Dimitra: Unfortunately, yes, we are seeing the same delay.  Many parts require raw materials for manufacturing and these delays trickle down to us

  Have questions? Schedule an appointment at salonsupport.com or check out our FAQ section on TanParts.com.

Q: What common parts do you recommend salons keep on hand so that they don’t run the risk of a bed being down?

Dimitra: Anything that is put under wear and tear daily or anything the customer touches.  Such as buttons and control knobs.  Some common electrical parts are lamp holders and starters.


Q: Any other advice you can give?

Dimitra: Take the time to familiarize yourself with the equipment.  It will help you later if parts or repair are needed.