5 Idea’s to Slay Your Homecoming Marketing


Do you have a plan in place? Need idea’s on marketing? Here are some great ways to make the most of Homecoming customers.

  1. Create a HOCO package. Pair a product that will give fast results with a 2-week tanning package and eyewear.
  2. Host a HOCO extravaganza. Invite in a dress shop to bring in some dresses and a hairdresser and makeup artist in to give consultations. Have business cards for nail techs, photographers, and car services. Sell UV and Spray packages. You can even contact local restaurants to see if they want to include coupons for meals. (this idea works well for Prom and Bridal Parties)
  3. Host a contest on social media for the best Homecoming proposal. Have people post pictures and videos of their proposals. Have followers vote on their favorite to win a tanning package.
  4. Is your salon in two rival school districts? Host a contest for the school that has the most tanners come in and tan for Homecoming. Keep track on a poster in the salon so that schools can see how close they are. Give the winning school a free tan, spray tan, product, or host an after-hours pizza party.
  5. Make sure you ask tanners to tag you in their HOCO pictures on social media. Draw one winner or fan favorite to win a tanning package for next year.

What is your favorite marketing idea for Homecoming?