3 Marketing Ideas for Back to School

Bye Summer, it’s time to rule the school and we have 3 marketing ideas to help your salon make the dean's list.

  1. Make a lasting first impression

For teachers, back to school means back to dry skin. Working with paper, constant hand washing, and the return of drier weather can destroy a teacher’s skin. Moisturizers make the best gifts. Speaking of gifts for teachers, tanning packages show you care about their mental health too. Gift cards give them a relaxing way to reset after a long day.

Bonus: Host your own “Meet the Teacher” night with an event just for teachers and school staff. Offer a month-long tanning package for $20.23, or a 23% discount on products.


  1. Parental Reward

After a long summer of the kids being out of school parents need a break to reset too! Don’t limit your marketing to only tanning. Offer a special on services like the Cocoon or Red Light and encourage them to take time for themselves. They deserve it.


  1. A+ Looks

Homecoming means getting rid of tan lines, adding extra shine to the skin, and covering imperfections. Your hair and outfit aren’t the only things to take care of. Cosmetics for the face and body are a must. Market them, and don’t forget the last-minute items like lip color and mascara!

Now you know what to promote, let’s talk about how.

  • Create gift bundles and display them in your salon. Make a video of “unboxing” them to show what is included and what the benefits are. Post the video on all your social media.
  • Create a tips and tricks video. Enlist the help of an employee as your “model” and show the proper way to use lotions, moisturizers, sunless products, or do a makeover with products you carry.
  • For the teachers, reach out to local schools and see if you can give a flyer or information on specials just for educators, or ask to be included in the next employee email or meeting.

We hope this gives you some ideas to rule Back to School!