Meet Jeff Driskill - Bootcamp 2022

Can you believe we are a month away from Bootcamp 2022? We thought we should start introducing you to some of the talented people who will be training at this event and who better to start with than our special guest speaker/ trainer Jeff Driskill.

Jeff Driskill has an eclectic business background in the education, coaching, construction, technology, and boating industries. He combines 30+ years of business experience in sales, marketing, management, and executive leadership along with 30+ years as a football coach. This background combination provides a unique blend of performance-based experience supported by a strong understanding of building and leading teams. Today, as the owner of the Sandler Training Center in Lee’s Summit, MO, Driskill mixes his background with Sandler’s proven methodologies for developing successful sales teams, managers, business leaders, and customer service departments. He assists local companies to realize their higher potential and identify new opportunities for growth through professional development, coaching, and consulting.

Sandler Training founded by David Sandler more than 50 years ago was the response to sales professionals such as David himself being tired of hearing no and not meeting goals. David teamed up with a clinical psychologist and designed an approach to sales that would break the traditional stereotypes of salespeople. It would focus on mutual respect, clarity, and qualifying decisions. And finally, it would take the pressure off the salesperson and the prospect, so that both parties could enjoy the process.

Sandler has worked with some of the largest businesses in the world such as AT &T, Sprint, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Lenovo, Oracle,, Quest, American Express, US Bank, Mass Mutual, and many more. Working with businesses to develop better habits, reinforce positive beliefs, and execute Innovative strategies so they can reach their goals in an ethical way by focusing on 3 main elements: Attitude, Behavior, and Technique.

Prior to joining the Sandler network, Driskill spent the previous 15 years working in management and executive leadership roles with the Apollo Education Group, which provided business consulting services to colleges and universities. Plus, he is a football coach for the Lee’s Summit West Titans. He and his wife, Linda, who works for the Lee’s Summit Chamber of Commerce, have lived in Lee’s Summit for 23 years, and have two sons.

We are so excited to see what he can bring to our salon partners. Will you be there?