Pura Spa

Pura Spa

Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? Introducing the Pura Spa – a one of a kind unit featuring two spa services in one! 

Skin Brightening: Complete, no-nonsense, full-body approach to more luminous skin. Pura Spa products are formulated to slow down melanin production and induce mild skin peeling to help resurface a fresher and lighter skin layer.  It is a gradual process and on-going treatments are necessary to see and maintain results.

Sunless: Pura Clear DHA Solution is a great choice for those wanting a darker, natural-looking tan in as little as one hour. Specially formulated for the Pura Sunless Booth, the trinity mist formulation allows for an even flow pattern, giving you a flawless tan in less time.

Skin care shouldn’t stop at the face! Grow your business and clientele instantly with the Pura Spa.

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Pura Spa




Two - 15 AMP 120 VAC Dedicated Circuits


Each @ 11 AMP and 13 AMP


4 Minutes


Standard washer garden hose connection ¾” GHF Must meet applicable plumbing codes. 25’ maximum lift


56 ¾" W X 71 ¾" D X 96 5/8" H

Room Size

8'W x 8'D x 8'2"H


1, 175 lbs




Brown/Beige, White/Orange or Aqua/White

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