The Importance of Skin Types

Skin type is categorized by the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale which ranges from Type I (fair) to Type VI (black).


Skin Type I

Individuals with Type I skin have light features and are very sensitive to light. Individuals with this very fair skin type should not be allowed to tan in a professional salon.

Skin Type II

Very similar to Type I, Type IIs have light features and are light sensitive to light. With a tendency to burn, Type II skin can tan lightly. If utilizing indoor tanning, a Type II should be kept to low, short exposure and know that the tanning process will be rather slow.

Skin Type III

Type III skin types are able to tan regularly but should be aware skin burning is possible. This skin type has average light sensitivity and tanning at a salon will be somewhat gradual.

Skin Type IV

This skin type is able to develop a tan rather quickly as it is tolerant of sunlight and rarely burns.

Skin Type V

Type Vs can get very dark color very quickly. With naturally dark skin and features, very seldom does this skin type burn.

Skin Type VI

Type VI is the darkest of the skin types on this scale. UV tanning would have very little, if any, effect on this skin type, which has an extremely high tolerance to sunlight.

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