Sweet & Sexy™ Collection

Pink isn’t just a color, it’s a state of mind. Sweet & Sexy™ is the perfect tanning complement to your fun and flirtatious lifestyle. Tease your skin with new levels of gorgeous golden color and a more toned and tightened appearance in all the right places, while a sweet hydrating blend of flral extracts leave your skin petal soft and smooth to the touch.

~Sweet & Sexy™ Secret Reserve 50X Bronzer

~Sweet & Sexy™ Secret Reserve Sparkling Bronzer

~Sweet & Sexy™ 25XOXO Dark Tan Bronzer

~Sweet & Sexy™ 20X Black Bronzer

~Sweet & Sexy™ Ultra Dark Natural Bronzer

~Sweet & Sexy™ Maximizer Ultra Dark Tan Maximizer

~Sweet & Sexy™ Legs Ultra Dark Bronzer

~Sweet & Sexy™ Face Dark Tan Bronzer

~Sweet & Sexy™ Moisturizer Body Lotion

~Sweet & Sexy™ Body Wash

Sweet & Sexy Collection

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