Snooki Talks about her tanning lotion line!

Snooki Talks about her tanning lotion line!

Q: Tell me about your inspiration for your new tanning lotion line?

Snooki: Well, obviously I love tanning and I like to have that nice, sexy bronze glow. I'm very excited about my tanning line. And also, if you look at the bottle, it's just me. It's leopard print and you have my favorite colors- pink, gold, black- and I kind of wanted a little bling, bling around (referencing the faux diamond studs around the neck of the bottle). So it's just like a perfect guidette bottle. So you have the tanning lotion, a moisturizer, and then a maximizer. I always use the maximizer because it tingles, and I like to be really, really dark.

Q: What's the scent smell like?

Snooki: You can smell it! I wanted it to smell like a perfume. I didn't want it to smell like regular tanning lotion. I wanted it to be different.

~Above Interview By Jennifer Buonantony - from Press Pass LA~

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