Smush It On

NEW Exclusively from Heartland Tan, SMUSH Stix

SMUSH Stix not only gives lips a soft, supple look and feel, but the product also features a Coenzyme Q10 formula, to prevent aging and keep lips kissable and smooth for all life's best moments. In addition to Q10, SMUSH Stix offers all-important SPF and Vitamin E, making it perfect for anything from a day on the beach to a day on the slopes. It's the ideal product to protect against burning, chapping and cracking. The skin protection provided by this product is not only great for lips, but can also be used to revitalize and protect other skin areas including the nose and eyes, and for the protection of tattoos.

Smush Stix does more for you, your lips, and skin than any other lip balm. A unique blend of ingredients joining forces to energize, protect, rejuvenate, and stimulate your skin. I think you just found yourself a significant other...


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