Pedi Spa Detox 4PC Kit Available Now

For centuries charcoal has been used to neutralize odors and absorb impurities. The naturally porous surface attracts dirt and oil like a magnet, drawing odor causing bacteria and grime from deep within pores. Gena® Pedi Spa™ DETOX System effectively utilizes active charcoal in four pedicure products that cleanse, smooth, soften and condition. Included in the system are Black Charcoal Foot Soak, Purifying Scrub, Nourishing Mask and Emollient Crème. Each product is blended with black charcoal and the finest emollients and extracts for a pedicure that will leave you light on your toes.

Gena Pedi Spa™ DETOX System includes:

Pedi Spa™ DETOX Black Charcoal Foot Soak – Non foaming, residue free soak cleanses feet while soothing and drawing out impurities

Pedi Spa™ DETOX Black Charcoal Purifying Scrub invigorates and diminishes calluses revealing smoother skin

Pedi Spa™ Black Charcoal Nourishing Mask draws out deep dwelling impurities and replenishes the skin with moisturizers

Pedi Spa™ Black Charcoal Emollient Crème conditions dry cracked feet, ideal for massage leaving feet soft and smooth

Gena Charcoal Pedi Spa

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