JWOWW Private Reserve Little Black Bronzer

JWOWW is excited to announce her newest tanning lotion, Private Reserve Little Black Bronzer, launching March 1, 2014. With her recent engagement Jenni wanted to create something around her Bachelorette party (which she won’t have until after her sweet bundle comes later this year)! She really wanted to capture the Little Black Dress feeling with her new bronzer.

JWOWW Private Reserve Little Black Bronzer

~Prefect blend of a Natural Bronzer and DHA with Erythrulose provide both instant streak-free color and longer-lasting dark results

~Glistening Glow Technology: effective delivery system combined with powerful skincare leaves skin glistening and gorgeous

~Green Tea Cocktail: Japanese Green Tea, Orange Extract and Shea Butter provide natural soothing properties and a powerful punch of Vitamins for a healthy, bronze hue

~Jenni’s Skincare Blend: Scrumptious Yogurt base is infused with Silicone for visibly smooth and silky, soft skin

Size and Suggested MSRP:

~13.5oz Bottle MSRP: $90.00

~0.5oz Sample MSRP: $12.50

JWOWW Special Event Bronzer

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