Ingredients Matter!

Ingredients DO matter... remember to educate your customers on products that enhance their UV or sunless glow! Move out Jergens... The tanning industry has AMAZING moisturizers your skin will love!

Many popular such as 'Jergens' has a ‘wax’ derivative along with alcohol, that strips skin of moisture, adds to pre-mature aging, and in our cases, takes cosmetic color from the skin as well as stripping all color development. Jergens also contains a moisturizer mix that mostly ‘sits on top of the skin’ to make it feel soft but DOES NOT penetrate the deeper layers for continual mositurization for youthful skin. A final ingredient for Jergens, specifically, is fragrance, which can be natural so not alcohol based, but Jergens does not claim their fragrance to be natural, so we can safely say it is more alcohol derived. As for MOST other moisturizers, they contain mineral (baby) oil which contains formaldehyde, and that is never a good ingredient to have in any product.

Hempz Body Care

This information has been supplied by John P Johnson, National Trainer for Supre Tan and Hempz Body Care

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