Importance of Shower Gel

The Importance of Shower Gel and Maintaining Your Sunless Tan

~Proper cleansing post sunless spray sessions helps insure even fading and the longest lasting, most natural looking sunless results.

~Avoid using bar soaps or high pH products with harsh detergents, as they will strip and fade your tan rapidly. Pura Hydrating Shower Gel is an ideal product to maintain and prolong your sunless color

~Avoid body care products with heavy alcohol or mineral oil found in most discount stores, etc.

Pura Shower Gel, with its generous lathering formula will not only wash away all impurities, but it will also help preserve your tan. The exclusive Tahitian Blend helps soothe your skin while the Mango Extract adds in much needed moisture.

• Vitamin C & Potassium help neutralize free radicals and stimulate melanin production

• Ellagic Acid, an anti-aging antioxidant, helps protect skin against collagen loss

• The exclusive Tahitian Blend is complete with Banana Extract and Papaya Fruit Extract that promote healthy skin regeneration and help increase collagen production

• Rich Mango Extract smooths, softens and moisturizes skin for a natural glow

• Invigorating Mango Sunshine Fragrance will envelop your skin with tangy highlights and soft coconut nuances

Pura Shower Gel

Salon Cost $12.50 Retail $25.00

Pura Shower Gel

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