Importance of Eyewear

Heartland Calendar May 3: The Importance of Eye Protection!

• Eye protection prevents the harmful rays from entering the eyes. Overtime unprotected eyes can become irritated or may even lead to more serious problems like color vision loss or cataracts.

• Always ask your clients if they have their eye protection with them. Remind them: towels, sunglasses, cotton balls, and their eyelids do not adequately protect their eyes from damage.

• Eye-wear must fit properly to be effective. UV light must not be able to seep in around the corners of the eyewear. The elastic strap that comes with goggles is provided to insure a tight fit.

• Do not let your clients risk damaging their eyes to eliminate tan lines. There are types of protective eyewear which fit on each eye in order to eliminate lines from the glasses, bridge or elastic strap. Heartland offers many options.

• Your eyes are too valuable to risk damaging and you only get two of them to last a lifetime. You are, by law, responsible for your client’s eye safety and you can never take that responsibility too seriously.

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