Heartland Tanning Midwest Expo: Sneak Peak on TOPICS!!!

Sneak Peak for the upcoming expo…. phenomenal industry speakers & topics!

~Hexapeptides?... Lipids?... Humectants?... OH MY!!!! No it’s not an invasion -- These little friends can actually help close the sale! How some of the integral parts of today’s scientifically advanced lotions actually work and benefit our skin.

~Sunless makes sense, or shall we say BIG DOLLARS – Breaking down the Eye Opening Numbers.

~T. E. A. M. GO TEAM!!!! Filling the 4 VITAL roles in your salon to CAPTURE THE MOST OF THE SEASON. We might have the right people on board but do we have them in the right positions.

~I object to your OBJECTIONS…..How to ask the right questions to help build the sale.

~HOW Women Shop & HOW Salons Need to Sell

~Negative Schnegative – Live in the MOMENT!! Embracing some good NEW Fashioned Positivity

~How to set the STAGE for an IMPACTFUL Sales Promotion

~NEWSFLASH!!!! The New Science is on OUR side: Now Where Are We Headed?

~OK...We know where we’ve been NOW where are we going??? Two Words/Two Syllables each……..SUNLESS SUCCESS, Today and for the Future

~We sell it all day long…But do we know WHY we sell it?? For the Fresh New Faces - Let’s freshen up with some Lotion Basics 101

~Ten Tips to selling Eye-wear – Education and Presentation is Key! Good News, A small sale is an easy sale!

~It’s a WHOLE NEW WORLD! Make the Path instead of getting lost in the woods….Tips, Tactics and Strategies to achieve success in internet marketing!

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