G Gentlemen Collection, by Australian Gold

Rough, pale skin has finally met its match! Indulge in our unique base of coconut water for a superior, hydrated feel....

Two UV tanning products feature a blend of natural bronzers for provide immediate dark results without the commitment. CellActive® Complex is specially designed for male skin and provides extreme hydration for longer-lasting deep color. ColorGuard™ Tattoo Technology helps prevent tattoos from fading with its unique moisture blend.

Finally, try the after tanning product -- Shaving Gel Creme, which stimulates your senses with an invigorating mint finish that will have you felling refreshed. Apple Fruit Extract firms and tightens allowing the razor to glide effortlessly for a close shave.

It's time to take tanning to the next level with the Men's G Gentlemen Collection

G Gentlemen Collection Features:

~Hydrating Coconut Water Base: Concentrated amount of Coconut Fruit Juice regenerates, revitalizes and softens for healthy, dark color

~CellActive® Complex: Unique blend specifically formulated for tough male skin increases skin resilience while locking in moisture for longer-lasting hydration

~ColorGuard™ Tattoo Technology: The "Magic Herb", Tiger Grass, is a moisture-seal blend that helps prevent tattoos from fading

~Drive the ladies crazy with this Rugged fragrance

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