Don’t Be Afraid To Give Away Free Tans

Don’t Be Afraid To Give Away Free Tans

In fact, invite it… to the right people that is. One spray tan costs you very little...

There are two types of people that you should never hesitate to give one free tanning session to.

• People that could be regular spray tanning customers. The ones that come once a week for their spray tanning session and love it. It becomes part of their weekly routine.

• People who can refer lots of new guests to you. Hair stylists, personal trainers and department store employees are all perfect. They talk to lots of people everyday and are usually talking to other people about how to look and feel their best.

• Keep who like to refer! Start a referral book for current customers and for every 3 referrals, your customer gets a free spray tan. It’s a great way to keep your guests motivated to share their tanning secret.

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