Be Hip and Protect the Lips!

Be Hip and Protect the Lips!

~Protect! Use SPF lip balm when tanning so your lips stay protected against the UV rays. Tanning clientele should always protect their lips as lips do not have melanocytes and have no ability to produce protective melanin. Remember, using a lip balm is also essential during sunless spraying to form a barrier on the lips.

~Moisturize! Your lips need a shield to stay in shape. Being exposed to UV light whether indoors or outdoors as well as extreme weather factors can naturally de-moisturizes the lips. A balm provides a buffer between your delicate skin and the harsh environment, so never let your lips go nude.

~Prevent! Seal in moisture and get extra hydration with beneficial oils found in lip balms. That barrier will help seal deep cracks and splits and prevent infection and irritation.

~Look! Top lip balm ingredients to keep lips well conditioned & nourished: petrolatum, castor seed oil, shea butter, sunflower seed oil, or squalane.

No one strives for a beautiful golden tan with dry chapped non-supple lips!

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