Adding sunless to your mix…

Is your salon missing out on business that could be yours? In todays competitive market its important to stay updated on all industry trends. But you should know, sunless has long faded as a fad… this craze is here to stay AND can be the perfect addition to your salon and pocket.

Sunless tanning has rapidly become recognized as one the biggest cosmetic treatments to hit the market in the last decade! Turn your tanning salon or spa into a total sun care and skincare specialist with a minimal investment, low overhead and high profits. Plus you can get started immediately!

Minimal Investment. Heartland offers the most popular professional sunless tanning products and equipment for your salon. An inexpensive mobile unit will get you started in the sunless business quickly for a small investment. Plus, once you decide to upgrade equipment, you will have a second back up unit available. Mobile units are lightweight and great to use for onsite appointments!

High Profit. Generate additional monthly revenue by charging $25 per sunless session (yes just 15 minutes of your time!). You may consider offering discounted rates for multiple sunless session purchased, UV tanning & sunless combo packages or even monthly memberships for unlimited sessions. Promote onsite airbrush tanning for special events (weddings, parties etc.) generating even more profits.

Get Started. Unlike cosmetology there are no required hours or certification by law to begin offering sunless tanning. You can begin sunless tanning immediately after training. Heartland recommends taking Norvell’s Basic Sunless Certification course to gain knowledge on the equipment, solution and DHA sunless tanning process. Norvell’s basic and master certification will be offered at all 3 of Heartland’s expos. Visit the events page for more dates and details. Don’t want to wait? Don’t worry; you can take Norvell’s Basic Sunless Certification course online. But remember, the best training is… practice!!!

Many salon owners have been enjoying the increased revenue that it brings. What are you waiting for? Call today to incorporate sunless tanning into your business.

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