Smart Tan Nashville 3400 Tanning Bed Sweepstakes

Heartland Tanning announces Smart Tan Nashville Tanning Bed Sweepstakes!  One lucky salon will be the winner of a new re-designed 2015 3400 tanning bed.

The 3400 unit is ranked as one of the best selling commercial tanning beds available. The level 1 tanning unit boasts a striking new design with standard features and options that will meet all your needs.  Utilizing thirty-four 100 watt lamps and three high pressure facial lamps, the level 1 unit provides an exceptional 15 minute tanning session.

Heartland Tanning customers are automatically entered to win for every $200.00 tanning lotion order placed between the timeframe of June 1 and September 30, 2014.  The winning salon will be announced at Smart Tan Downtown Nashville - Heartland Tanning Booth #114 on the final day of the event, October 5, 2014. Good luck!

Wining salon does not have to be present to win. Winner pays all taxes and freight. Install not included.

Tanning Bed Sweepstakes

About Smart Tan Nashville:

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